Inclusive Education Programs

Making Up for Lost Time In Literacy

St Therese Targeted Reading Intervention Program


St Therese recognises the importance of additional learning intervention. We have high expectations for everyone of our learners. 

The Key Literacy Teacher, Teachers and Education Support Officers  and Parents work collaboratively, to improve educational outcomes for students with special needs and learning difficulties.

Inclusive Education practice at St Therese, includes one to one assistance to students and working with small groups of students. Teachers are also able to have an Education Support Officer in the classroom to help support their students.  Assistance is given with literacy, numeracy, fine motor skills, social skills, and English as a Second Language. St Therese staff support all students to achieve their full educational potential.

Formal programmes at St Therese include:

Multi Lit Intervention Program

From Term 2 2017, St Therese will implement the following MultiLit range of intervention programs:

             Pre-Lit Program Transition to School and Reception students 

Whole class, small group and 1:1 instruction for children in their first year at school – Reception Key Features: 
The program is systematic, skills-based and taught in a hierarchical sequence and designed to complement a play-based learning environment. There are two main components: 
Phonological awareness 
Oral language development through Structured Book Reading Program Delivery: 
Daily lessons over the first term of children starting school

Mini Lit Program (Making Up For Lost Time In Literacy) Year 1 and 2 students 

Small group and 1:1 instruction Key Features: 
Entry point into the program is flexible and, based on students’ assessment scores, can be anywhere within the 80 lessons. Each lesson comprises three main components: Sounds and Words Activities: Text Reading , Story Book Reading 
Program Delivery: The program takes around 20 weeks to complete, with four lessons of up to 60 minutes per week

Reading Tutor Program Year 2 students and beyond 

1:1 instruction Key Features: 
Entry point into the program is flexible and is based on students’ assessment scores. Each lesson comprises three main components: Phonics (or word attack skills) , Sight word recognition, Reinforced reading 
Program Delivery: 
The program takes around 20 weeks to complete, with 3 lessons of 40 minutes per week

MultiLit’s approach to improving the literacy skills of struggling students is to combine research and theory with program development and service delivery. The programs aim to find out what skills students do have and which areas are cause for concern, and to then fill in their knowledge with direct, systematic and intensive teaching of these skills. At St Therese, we are proud to provide our students and their families’ evidence based reading instruction and intervention to ensure that all students have an opportunity to be the best readers they can be.