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Transition to St Therese

Learning Tree Transition-to-School Program

We know that starting School can be unpredictable, and in some instances traumatic, potentially for both children and their parents.

In the past parents/children may have been offered up to three visits just before their child commenced at School. The St Therese Learning Trees Transition to School Program is an extended transition program designed to assist students transitioning from preschool to school. Research tells us of the great benefits to making transition to school a gradual process.

These types of Programs encourage a slow and steady transition to school and have proven to be very successful for young learners regarding the following:

  • helping students establish friendships
  • providing practice with school routines
  • familiarisation with the school environment and people
  • increasing the confidence and well-being of students.
  • helping new families to enhance their connections to the community.

The program is available to children who are enrolled to commence in Reception at St Therese.

There are two programs operating side by side.

Group one: Children due to start Reception in Term 3.

This group of children are traditionally the children who spend 6 Terms in Reception. These children will start their visits in Term 1 and will join the existing group of Receptions one morning per week until they commence in Term 3.  During these visits, they spend time with the students and staff who will be in their classroom when they begin school. It gives us an extended opportunity to see how these children ‘fit’ with the existing cohort to discern the best possible placement for them in terms of classroom cohorts.

Group Two: Children Starting in Reception in Term One.

This group will commence their program in Term 3 and have their own small group setting with a qualified Early Childhood teacher, one morning per week for two terms.

A key priority we have for our community is to ensure that we continue to look at best practice and services to enhance the fabulous experience already provided for our families.  

Our goals are:

  • to introduce school routines
  • to create an atmosphere where children feel respected and loved 
  • to nurture each child’s self-worth 
  • to guide each child’s experimental play to promote understanding 
  • develop effective communication skills 

To encourage each child to explore, invent, discover, question and experiment 

For all children to learn through touching, moving, listening, seeing and hearing.

Who, When, Duration, Cost? 

St Therese School invites children preparing to start school to attend our Learning Tree Transition to School Program. Places are limited, and offered to children who have been accepted for enrolment at St Therese School. The program is staffed by a qualified teacher. Our program is uniquely designed to enhance the learning environment for our youngest learners. Please phone our school office to secure your place.