Our Philosophy & Values


“Educate and develop the whole child for life in the Church and the World of today and tomorrow”


Our vision is to educate children in the Catholic tradition and to:

  • Develop children spiritually, emotionally, morally, socially, academically and physically, and help them to achieve their full potential.
  • Develop a love of learning and provide the best possible opportunities and environment to encourage successful learning.
  • Be a faith community modelled on the example of Jesus, where all are called to live in a loving relationship with God and each other.
  • Be a community where people within and beyond its boundaries are cared for, and respects the dignity and uniqueness of each individual.
  • Be a welcoming and inclusive community where staff, parents, families and parish work in partnership and collaboration.
  • Be a community that enjoys and celebrates life.

Respect, Courage, Grace and Community

Our values are represented in all we say and do at St Therese School.

Each School Term we focus on the understanding and themes of each value. Students learn to demonstrate our values in everyday school life.